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This section introduces into the basics of radar technology. We tried to use simple terms and a rather non-academic way of explaining. The articles are deliberately kept very short. The first 3 articles give a rather anecdotal introduction into radar technology. The subsequent articles are more to the point, explaining through clear explanation and animation complex theory. We always add videos which we consider suitable. They often look at the subject from a different angle.

For academic white papers and case studies please look at our Research Portal.

For a more in-depth introduction into radar technology, please look at RadarTutorial.eu.


Brief History of Radar Technology

From the first experiments on reflected radio waves by Heinrich Hertz to the success of radar technology in everyday life – from medicine to navigation, this article gives a brief introduction on the first 120 years of radar technology.

Radar Waves and Sonar Waves

Sonar and radar waves follow a completely different concept, but they are used for the same purpose: to detect objects through a reflection of waves. This article provides further insight into the basic features of sonar and electro-magnetic waves.

Radar Principle

This short article explains radar transmitter and receiver, emitted and reflected waves and the principle to detect the object’s distances through the the measured time from transmitting to receiving the wave. It is simple, just look at the animation in the article…

EIRP Calculator

The effective isotropically radiated power describes is the power that a theoretical isotropic antenna would emit to produce the peak power density observed in the direction of maximum antenna gain. In this section you find a calculator that allows you to calculate the EIRP.



A sequence of short articles introduces into radar technology. The explanations are deliberately kept clear and understandable, allowing an understanding of complex technology, even for non-mathematicians.
Radar Basics