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Single European Sky: Overview

Welcome to the overview page on media on the Single European Sky.

SkyRadar offers modular radar training systems.

SkyRadar offers training hardware on secondary surveillance radars, compliant to Mark X and Mark II. Read more by clicking on the photo.

SESAR stands for Single European Sky ATM Research. It is a collaborative project to reorganize the European Airspace, and in consequence, European air traffic management. Members of SESAR are EUROCONTROL, the EUROPEAN COMMISSION and the AVIATION INDUSTRY (see details).

SESAR has the goal to make flying more economic (more passangers transported at less costs), saver and more environmentally friendly (less CO2 emission, less fuel consumption). The concepts and technologies behind, mandated by EUROCONTROL, now find application all over the world in civil and military air traffic control. The idea of a flexibilized, air traffic with adaptive routes managed by interconnected air traffic agencies in various countries is promising and has much unexploited potential. It is highly challenging in the same time, given the complex system context of various autonomous but interrelated agents, being correlated with eachother. Theories like complex systems theory, agent theory etc. can be the starting points for journeys into what is going to be the evolving air space of the 21st century. The following two videos give an introduction into the program as well as background on work packages and their accomplishment.

Publications on this subject go in three directions:

  • directives given in the context of the SESAR program;
  • technically oriented research, trying to technically enable and improve the Single European Sky
  • economically oriented research, looking at the subjects from a logistics or supply chain / value network perspective.

Many technical publications focus on the SWIM (System Wide Information Management) program. Therefore it is worth attributing this initiative specific attention.

We selected the following information on the Single European Sky for you:

Information about SkyRadar’s modular secondary surveillance training radar can be found here:

SkyRadar SSR Experimenter.