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Radar and Health

The potential correlation of high levels of microwave radiation and negative health impact is worrying. In particular increased occurances of leukemia in concerned areas. After the fatal consequences of ionizing radiation in military radars of the time roughly between the 1950s and the 1970s, today’s research is centered around the impact of strong doses of non-ionizing radiation. But what are the impacts, what are reasonable thresholds?

As there are many negligent publications, videos and statements circulating in the Internet, it is our attempt, to limit on most recent and scientifically reliable findings and correlations. Please communicate if any untrustworthy document made it through our filters:


It is equally difficult to find non-biased videos. The featured video on this page is a compromize. It gives an introduction into the subject and tries to be neutral. We would appreciate the suggestion of a better video, ideally from a scientific community.

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