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Linked Open Data – Our lifes in the hand of the Crowd?

Linked Open Data in Air Traffic Management

Linked open data is a challenging vision for Air Traffic Management. ATM requires meantimes between failure of more than 10,000 hours. Do we really want to rely on external sources, where the origin is perhaps unknown to us? How save can this be? Can we imagine that air traffic control is opening up to anybody? How far is our mind willing to go?

Will humans be ever on the moon? Will jet planes ever cross the Atlantic Ocean? Can we ever communicate for free across continents? Many questions that required a clear “no” in the past have been proven feasable today.

This section is a playground of early research. So we limit it to academic publications and some selected announcements on research and standardization agendas.

The World Wide Web Consortium W3C is currently running an initiative to standardize geo-spacial data in the Web. If successful, this could facilitate future linked data in ATM. Read More.

And even more…

Academic publications on linked data center around geospacial data. Here the current hits. They are updated whenever you refresh this page: