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GPR Radar: Detection of Land Mines

SkyRadar's Synthetic Aperture Radar: Learn more about SkyRadar's SAR. It is part of SkyRadar's modular radar training system. With its open API's and its comfortable scopes, it is also useful for academic and industrial research.

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GPR Radar: Detection of Land Mines – Media Overview

“Antipersonnel mines and cluster munitions are indiscriminate weapons that injure and kill civilians in every corner of the globe, every day. They don’t recognize ceasefires and claim victims long after the end of conflicts. They instill fear in communities and are a lethal barrier to development.

Placed under or on the ground, antipersonnel mines explode from the contact or presence of a person. When triggered, they kill or cause injuries like blindness, burns, destroyed limbs and shrapnel wounds.”
(source: International Campaign to ban landmines)

SkyRadar wants to support researchers and practicians in their battle against this deathly tool. We provide special exercises with the SkyRadar modular training system helping to train the discovery of landmines.

The following pages give detailed insight into the state of research on Ground Penetration Radars used for the detection of landmines.

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