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SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System 5.0 Out Now

Today SkyRadar launched its new release of its modular radar training system. The team of experts completely reworked the previous version. The first major innovation is that the software FreeScopes is now based on HTML 5 technologies such as JavaScript and Canvas. The communication between GUI and the radar system can work either directly via […]

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FMCW Phased Array Radar for Automatically Triggered Measurements of Snow Avalanches

By Brennan et al. In the abstract, Brennan et al. write: “Radar has emerged as a means of measuring avalanche dynamics for validating models to predict avalanche behaviour for improved calculation of risk zones. However, current radar measurements do not provide a true representation of an entire avalanche flow. An FMCW, multi-chirp, 8 receiver channel […]

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Wireless Remote Sensing Based on RADAR Cross Section Variability Measurement of Passive Electromagnetic Sensors

By Aubert et al. Aubert et al. research “the wireless measurement of various physical quantities from the analysis of the RADAR Cross Sections variability of passive electromagnetic sensors.” The authors use a millimeter-wave FMCW radar for both remote sensing and wireless identification of sensors. Published at : 7th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP […]

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Multi-target detection algorithm for FMCW radar

by Hyun et al. The authors conduct research on multi-target detection algorithms. In their abstract, they state that “FMCW (Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave) radar has been a popular method for automotive applications. The typical FMCW radar, however, has serious problems in multi-target situations. That is, range-velocity processing gives rise to so-called ghost targets due to […]

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