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SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System 5.0 Out Now

Today SkyRadar launched its new release of its modular radar training system. The team of experts completely reworked the previous version. The first major innovation is that the software FreeScopes is now based on HTML 5 technologies such as JavaScript and Canvas. The communication between GUI and the radar system can work either directly via WLAN or via a Cloud server, enabling the system to be integrated into University or Academy networks via their Intranet. The number of concurrent users is unlimited. Those users can work completely separatedly on the received Q and I data; e.g., on student might work on a PPI Scope, using STC filtering. A second learner might apply Moving Target Indication on the data, coming from the same radar device.

The 2nd major breakthrough is that the former base-module has now even been further broken down into:

This componentization brings the entrance costs for a full radar below 15,000 EUR. The base unit alone is fully operational and can be accessed by several users concurrently. Once the group gets bigger, SkyRadar offers a Cloud Server to handle the load, meaning that 100s of students can work on the system in the same time.

There are many more extensions available, such as the Target Tracker, several moveable targets including one drone, a security device etc.

For more information, please kindly look at the product overview: Modular Radar Training System 5.0