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SkyRadar launches new RASS-S training system

Following a long tradition with RASS-S, SkyRadar just released its new  modular training solutions for ‘Radar Analysis Support System for Sites’.

RASS-S has evolved to the global quasi-standard for real-time surveillance and monitoring for civil and military Air Traffic Control Radars. It covers the complete signal conversion chain in primary and secondary surveillance radars from RF signals at the antenna level down to serial radar data output.

The 24/7 operation of RASS-S and RASS-R is indispensable for the safety of the increasingly packed airspace. As scope for training on the operating system is very limited (e.g., errors or emergency situations cannot be practiced), SkyRadar has developed a special sandboxed training environment, employing the real components blended into a training environment that is optimized on the requirements of controllers, quality supervisors and technical personnel in civil and military contexts. The solutions are custom-made on the end-users’ specific requirements, benefiting from real-life data.

RASS-S is complemented by the RASS Real time system (RASS-R). RASS-R is a collection of tools for real time recording; monitoring and analyzing digital radar data, intended provided aggregated control and analysis at a central control or surveillance center of several radars. RASS-R applications are part of SkyRadar’s training hardware solutions. The RASS-M tools (Radar Analysis Support System for Maintenance activities) are used by radar technicians during recurring maintenance activities to collect and analyses the data of the radar under test.

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