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Used with kind permission of everything RF given on 13. Feb 2015.

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  • dBm to Watt Calculator
  • Frequency to Wavelength Calculator
  • Noise Figure to Noise Temperature Calculator
  • Noise Temperature to Noise Figure Calculator
  • Watt to dBm Calculator
Antenna Calculators
  • Antenna Downtilt Angle Calculator
  • Balanced Attenuator Calculator
  • Bridged Tee Attenuator Calculator
  • Pi Attenuator Calculator
  • Reflection Attenuator Calculator
  • Tee Attenuator Calculator
Radar Calculators
  • Radar Range Equation Calculator
  • RF Power Density Calculator
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  • Coax Calculator
  • CRA Calculator
  • Free Space Path Loss Calculator
  • Fresnel Zone Calculator
  • Friis Transmission Calculator
  • IRA Calculator
  • Minimum Detectable Signal Calculator
  • Noise Figure Calculator
  • Plane Wave Calculator
  • RF Transformer Calculator
  • SAR Calculator
  • SFDR Calculator
  • Skin Depth Calculator
  • TDR Calculator
  • Varactor Diode Calculator
  • VSWR Calculator
  • Wavelength Calculator
Waveguide Calculators
  • Circular Waveguide Calculator
  • Waveguide Calculators