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Phased Array Beam Controller Out Now!

Part #: SkyRadar Phased Array Beam Controller-Ver.5.0

The peak of an antenna diagram of an antenna may vary from the geometric middle line. This effect is observed particularly in array antennas: even small deviations of the lengths of the supply cables produce phase differences, which impact during the aggregation of the individual radiators and cause a “squinting” the antenna.

SkyRadar Phased Array Beam Controller

SkyRadar Phased Array Beam Controller

Phased array antennas are antenna arrays in which this effect is specifically exploited. In particular, the phase positions of the individual emitters are controlled in such a way that the resulting antenna diagram deviates from the geometric target direction (“boresight”) by a specific angle, the so-called “off boresight angle” (OBA). Phased array antennas are thus able to pivot their antenna diagram electronically. This has the advantage that the often very large and heavy antenna systems no longer need to be mechanically rotated or pivoted. The electronic pivoting can be performed much faster.

The Phased Array Beam Controller of SkyRadar consists of an array of four individual antennas, each of which is equipped with a phase shifter, controllable through an adjustable control voltage.
ISM (eng .: Industrial, Scientific and Medical band) is the frequency band. The transmitter of this Beam controller operates in the range 2400-2500 MHz. It is the same band in which, for example, wireless network connections (WLAN) work.

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