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New Videos on Radar Training Systems by SkyRadar

We have produced a series of new videos all around the modular radar training system Version 5.0 . As an introduction you might like the whiteboard animation on the training system:

The detailed product description starts with a Webinar on the Base Unit, the Base Module I:

It is followed by a description of the assembly of the Parabolic Reflector:

Then, you might like the overview on our online radar GUI FreeScopes which can be operated as Live Radar in the Web, when connected to the base module and the Cloud Server.

If you want to stay updated, have a look at the SkyRadar Youtube Channel.

And please, if you like them, post and share them on your Website and in the social media. Just use the share button on the Youtube page under the video. To embed the videos in your site, click on share, then press the tab “embed”, copy the link and paste it into your Website….

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